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Boat Power Accessories Buyer’s Guide - The Boating Emporium

Boat Power Accessories Buyer’s Guide

Deep Cycle Battery

A deep cycle battery is designed to charge slowly over a longer period of time. It can withstand several hundred charging and discharging cycles. It is usually used to power up a boat’s electric trolling motor, audio system, anchor winch, and other appliances.

Deciding which deep cycle battery to buy takes a few considerations. First, you should make sure that you’ll buy one that will fit the battery box. Other than that, you should also decide how long you want to use the battery for. High-cycle batteries would be more expensive, but it is also worth noting that cost per cycle goes down as battery life goes up. It’s best to find something that has a good deal between price and cost cycle.  

A deep cycle battery has three types: the flooded cell, gel cell, and AMG or absorbed glass mat. A flooded cell requires monthly inspection to monitor its cells’ fluid level, and to add distilled water if needed. A flooded cell battery needs to be recharged at least once a month, and should be recharged right after use.

Gel cells and AMGs have no cell caps, and do not require monthly maintenance. These two types lose charge slower than the flooded cell, and doesn’t require to be charged soon after use. However, they are more expensive, and cannot last as long as the highest-grade flooded cells.

 Power Station

A boat’s power station is almost the size of a small microwave, and provides a steady flow of power without the noise of gas-powered generators. These portable power stations are perfect for short weekend trips on a boat, when you want to enjoy cold drinks or eat a freshly-cooked meal.

Portable power stations can be dangerous, so you should follow some safety protocols before using them. It must not be placed inside a cabin or below the deck as it requires a lot of ventilation. If your boat is small and you want to keep it safe, you can opt for a small solar panel generator like the iTechworld Lithium Portable Power Station.

This unit form iTechworld has a 12-16.8V power output that prevents any device from shutting down when the power in its battery gets low. It can power up portable fridges, freezers, keep phones or tablets charged, or run lights.

All in all, a portable power station will keep the fun in your boat trip, no matter where you sail.

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