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Waterskis Buyer’s Guide - The Boating Emporium

Waterskis Buyer’s Guide

Waterskiing is when the rider is pulled behind a boat by a waterskiing rope on surface of a body of water. Unlike kneeboarding, waterskiing usually begins with a deep-water start with the rider squatting down on water. Once everything is set, the boat operator will accelerate the boat, pulling the skier out of the water.

Combo water ski chart


(Remember that waterskis differ and manufacturers might have their own sizing for a specific board. You can check the size chart or details on each product if you’re looking for more accurate sizing.)


There are four types of waterskis: the slalom, shaped, combo, and junior or youth skis. Slalom skis are single skis with two bindings (what holds one’s foot on top of the board). It’s shaped with the front part wider than the rear, also referred to as the “tail”. The slalom is made for advanced waterskiiers who enjoy sharp-turning skis for recreation or professional use.


Man on a water ski


Shaped skis are similar to the slalom, in the sense that it is a single ski with two bindings. The difference, however, is that shape skis are wider, begin with easy starts, and provides a more stable ride. This type of waterski is suitable for less-experienced skiers, or those who are beginning to learn waterskiing techniques.


Shaped ski product photo


The next type are the combo skis. These skis are come in pairs with two bindings, or the other kind with a single binding. Combo skis like the Testpilot Adult Combo Water Skis are perfect for novice skiers, or those who just want to try skiing during a holiday. They can also be used by advanced skiers who enjoy performing tricks on the water. Their bindings are adjustable so that they could fit a variety of skiers. They could come in widths of a slalom or shaped ski.


Combo ski product photo


The last type of waterski is the youth or junior ski. As the name itself suggests, junior skis are those used by kids who want to enjoy and experience waterskiing. These skis are installed with safety features like a removable rope or bar between the skis, where the rope is attached. This feature assures that the child would not be dragged underwater during starts, or after a fall. The retainer makes sure that the skis maintain the correct distance. Junior skis are made safe for children who want to learn to ski, and to build their confidence in the water.


Junior skis
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