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5 Water Sports and Activities to Try in Summer 2024 - The Boating Emporium

5 Water Sports and Activities to Try in Summer 2024

Summer is just around the corner, and the weather is getting hotter these days. With the new season fast approaching, a lot of Australians are making plans on what to do with their friends and family. Number one on their list (most probably), is getting out and enjoying the great waters!

Australia has a lot of fun water sports and activities to offer. It is safe to say that no one will get bored in the summer if they know where to go and what they’re looking for. So, if you’re planning your summer adventures ahead, you’re in the right place!



In this guide, we will share 5 water sports and activities you can try this summer. Whether you want something low-key or extreme, these activities are definitely a must!


All About Water Sports in Australia

According to, 90% of Australians live on the coast. They would usually inhabit the shores, and make the most out of the beaches that surround them. Australia is also lined with breath-taking rivers and surf towns. It’s no wonder why water sports are such a hit not just during the summers.

Almost every household in Australia has at least one water sports equipment, if not boating equipment. They enjoy water sports of all kinds, and there’s definitely and activity for all ages! Water sports give a different kind of rush, and gets your body moving.



Aside from surfing, there are other water sports and activities that are equally exciting. These different water sports and activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding are enjoyed not only by locals. They help promote the country’s beautiful treasures to the world, as tourists also get to enjoy the warm welcome of fun-loving Australians.

To put it simply, the waters isn’t just a form of escape for us—it’s a lifestyle!


Water Sports to Try in Summer 2024

The list could be long when we talk about water sports you can entertain yourself with in Australia. However, we have picked 5 activities that can be enjoyed by every one!


#1: Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is a great way to start getting used to the waters. It is growing even more popular for beginners, and can be enjoyed by kids too. It is also a good stepping stone before surfing, but it can be equally (or sometimes even more) challenging than other water sports.

Paddleboarding is done with the use of a stand-up paddleboard. It has different kinds, based on skill and paddling activity.



When paddleboarding, you will need a few things—your stand-up paddle board, a paddle, and your safety gear (flotation device, a safety whistle to warn other boaters, and a light).

You should also make sure that you’re wearing proper clothing! Most people would go for swimsuits, rash guards or board shorts during the warm summer. If you’re riding during the cooler season, you might want to gear up in a wetsuit or a dry suit.

Here are the basics on paddleboarding:

  • Practice how to stand up on your stand-up paddle board (SUP). Stand together with your SUP in knee-deep water.
  • Hold the board on its edges, and carefully make your way on the board. Make sure that you are initially in a kneeling position just behind the center point of the board. The center of the board is usually by the carry handle.
  • Keep the board stable by holding its edges. Once you’ve stabilized the board, you can slowly lift one move one foot at a time to where your knees were located. Slowly stand up by raising your chest and keeping your knees bent. Once you have found your chest is vertical, you can then extend your legs.
  • Once you have successfully balanced yourself, you can enjoy paddleboarding! Be sure that you hold your paddle forward from the shaft, toward the nose of your SUP.
  • Your hand and paddling positions are important. When you are paddling on the right side, your left hand should be on the T-grip, while your right is a few ways down the shaft. Switch your hands’ position when you start paddling on the other side.

(Now, these are just the basic know-hows! If you want to learn more about paddleboarding on SUPs, you can check out comprehensive guides, or download our ultimate guide from the website!)


#2 Kneeboarding

Kneeboarding is a water sport that’s less physical than water skiing, but equally thrilling. Just like paddleboarding, it is commonly enjoyed by kids and beginners who are trying to test waters (literally, at that).

It’s very fun and family-friendly, and can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages and athletic abilities. Just like any other activities enjoyed in the water, knowing which water sports equipment to use is the key to enjoying kneeboarding.



Kneeboards come in two kinds: the recreational and competitive kneeboards. These two are used depending on the rider’s skill and kneeboarding activity. As their names suggest, recreational kneeboards are commonly used by newbies for recreation and fun, while competitive kneeboards are for those who are more experienced in the watersport.

Here’s a beginner-friendly guide on how to kneeboard!

  • Lay on your belly with your forearms resting on each side of your kneeboard. Bend your elbows as you hold the handle, and let the boat driver know when you’re all set!
  • The driver will start the boat slowly so you would feel comfortable on the water. You will then start to feel as if the boat is pulling you. Once you are confident, the boat can take it up a notch.
  • Slowly move your knees up the board until they are touching your elbows. Pull yourself up so that your nose is adjacent to the kneeboard’s nose. Be ready to get on your knees.
  • Keep your dominant hand on the side of your kneeboard, while the other hand holds the rope handle. Press down and prop up on your knees. Make sure that you pull the safety strap and fasten it on your knees.
  • Finally, shift your weight onto your heels as you pull the handle towards your body. Keep your arms straight and lean back a little so that there’s counter pressure as the boat pulls you. Once you find your grove, you can enjoy kneeboarding to the fullest!


#3: Waterskiing

Water skiing is definitely one of the most popular water sports anywhere in the world. It is fun, thrilling, and can definitely give you an adrenaline rush. Unlike skiing on the mountains where gravity is used to move, waterskiing is actually more on countering gravity, which makes it more challenging.



What started with a guy behind a boat with two boards strapped on his feet, is now a towed sport that gave birth to other forms like kneeboarding and wakeboarding.

Here’s a simple step by step guide on how waterski:

  • Begin with a deep-water start. Put your legs together while crouching.
  • Let the boat proceed slowly. Stay in a crouching position until you are in a plane.
  • When you are confident enough, slowly get on your feet. Once you’re up, you should straighten your legs.
  • Make sure your boat driver is aware of the right speed. The usual speed for water skiing is around 30MPH.
  • Once you feel comfortable on the usual two skis, you can give yourself a challenge. If you feel like two skis are too easy for you, you can switch to a slalom-style skiing by dropping the other board.

It might sound simple, but a lot of physical strength may be required for waterskiing. Not only that, no matter what water sport you’re doing, you should make sure that you’re always in your personal flotation device (PFD)!


#4 Hydrofoil Surfing

Foil surfing is generally new to the public. It rose to fame in 2018, but has had a steady following ever since. Three years since it became viral on the internet, hydrofoil boards can be seen in beaches all around the world, especially here in Australia.



Hydrofoil surfing is similar to the traditional surfing, although the water sport equipment used for it, the hydrofoil board, is a little more complicated. It also has a slightly different feel to surfing, as foiling gives you an impression of “flying” above water.

Although it can be considered as a close relative of surfing or paddleboarding, hydrofoil surfing can be more challenging. It’s a water sport that’s enjoyed by water aficionados and wave riders who are seeking for a new thrill, aboard a high-tech craft.

(To know more about hydrofoil boards, you can read our blog post here.)


#5 Kayaking

From towed sports and waterboards, we now move on to a water activity that’s both calming and fun. Usually enjoyed in lakes and riverfronts, kayaking is a watersport that’s perfect to enjoy with friends and family. With kayaking, you get to discover nature from a new point of view—the open water.



Here are a few tips to remember before you go kayaking:

  • Set the kayak in shallow water perpendicular to the shoreline. If you’re launching it to a river of you have a long kayak, then a perpendicular launch is more applicable.
  • Put one side of the paddle under the deck line in front of the cockpit. You can then stand over the kayak as you straddle the cockpit.
  • Get yourself adjusted on the cockpit seat. Make sure that you are snug on the seat, and that both of your feet are comfortable on the foot pegs. Your position in the kayak will greatly affect your time while kayaking!
  • Grab your paddle and use it to move your kayak. You can adjust your pace according to your liking. You can also attach a spray skirt, if you have one.


Where to Buy Water Sports Equipment in Australia

Now that you have an idea on which water sport you should try this summer, knowing a good place to buy your equipment from is also a must! No worries though, Australia comes with some of the best online water sports and boating equipment! In the Gold Coast, there’s The Boating Emporium which offers a wide range of water sports and boating equipment that are affordable and of good quality.



Featuring brands like Atlantis, which launched a line of inflatable paddle boards by Jason Momoa, or top-of-the-line hydrofoil boards from Takuma, The Boating Emporium is definitely a treasure chest for water sports enthusiasts!

So, if you’re looking for the best water sports and boating equipment in Australia, just visit our website at, call us at 1300-987-441, or email us at!

Let us let you enjoy life on the water!     

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