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Kayaks Buyer’s Guide

Kayaks are slim and small boats that can be used by a limited number of people. Categorized as a sport equipment by many, kayaks are usually used for water sports and aquatic races.

There are a few kinds of kayaks; fishing, surf play, tour and leisure kayaks. Each kind is characterized depending on its use. The design is also a big factor on how the kayaks will serve their purpose.

Take fishing kayaks for instance. This type of kayak, as the name itself suggests, is used for fishing. Its build is narrower and sleeker, allowing the rider to steer through tighter spaces.

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Fishing kayaks have two major designs—one that has an occupant sitting on top, and one that has a cockpit. The first kind is ideal for when the rider wants to move freely, and for warm waters. The second kind, on the other hand would be ideal for shallow waters, but have stronger current.

Leisure kayaks are also known as the beginner kayaks. It’s lightweight and can be maneuvered easily. However, it’s light weight doesn’t mean it’s not durable enough to ride in all weather conditions.

Tour kayaks which are also called ocean kayaks are designed for long journeys. They come with compartments for bigger storage, and can carry supplies good for up to two days. This type of kayak is stronger than others, and can withstand tough weather conditions and rough waters.

Although they’re often referred to as canoes, there’s a difference between these two water vessels. For kayaks, the paddler sits facing forward, legs also forward, and uses a two-bladed paddle to operate. In canoes, the paddler also sits facing forward but in a kneeling position, and using a single-bladed paddle.

Kayaks were initially designed as hunting vessels, but eventually evolved as an equipment used for water sports and recreation.

We hope that this product guide on the different kinds of kayaks helped you choose the perfect one for your next journey! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, and our staff will be happy to help!