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Kneeboards Buyer’s Guide


Kneeboarding is just as thrilling as waterskiing, but requires less physical strength. It is often considered as a stepping stone to the more challenging water sports, and best suits those who are just testing waters.

It is a fun and family-friendly watersport that suits all ages and athletic ability. However, knowing the right equipment for this activity directly affects how one will enjoy the sport. For you to enjoy kneeboarding, you will need two things—a kneeboard and a towrope.

There are two types of kneeboards: the recreational and competitive kneeboards. Most recreational kneeboards are roto-molded, with soft and wide edges that’s best for newbies. The design makes it easier to use and control, thus making it a good choice for first timers. Recreational kneeboards are widely available and more affordable than the high-tech models.

Competitive kneeboards, on the other hand, are compression-molded boards often used by experts and enthusiasts. They are thinner and have sharper edges that make them perfect for executing complicated board tricks. This type of kneeboards is also less buoyant than roto-molded boards, allowing expert kneeboarders to have deep-water starts. An example of this is the Testpilot Bounty Hunter Kneeboard.

Other than choosing the right kind of kneeboard, one should also be able to select the right towrope to further enhance his kneeboarding experience. A kneeboard rope may have the length of 60’-70’. When riding a kneeboard, one would need a rope that is stiffer and lower-stretched to perform tricks.  

You can choose between multi-purpose low-stretch ropes and no-stretch ropes. A multi-purpose low-stretch rope like the Williams Kneeboard Rope is usually made from polyethylene. As its name itself suggests, it can be used both for kneeboarding and waterskiing.

However, this type of rope is best if you are a newbie, or a recreational kneeboarder. If you are an advanced kneeboarder, then a no-stretch rope will help you ace your tricky flips and spins.

We hope that this guide on kneeboards helped you choose the perfect board for your next water adventure! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, and our staff will be happy to help!