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FREE SHIPPING Over $200.00 on selected brands Australia Wide Click Here To Learn More

Marine Electrical Parts Buyer’s Guide

Marine electricity is an essential part or a boat’s operation. Without it, boats wouldn’t be able to run any of its machinery, and wouldn’t be able to sail from one place to another.

The rough marine environment is definitely one of the biggest foes of a boat’s electrical system. This is why it’s smart to invest on high-quality marine electrical parts. Here in The Boating Emporium, we carry brands like Bell Marine that offers some of the best light switches, marine anchor winch wiring looms, and even essential electrical workshop kits.

The general idea is that a boat’s electrical system should work in harmony. Marine switches should work well with the batteries, toggles, sockets, and rockers. When one part is faulty, the whole system is affected. For example, a faulty switch will avoid power current to flow from the battery to the socket.

Another essential part of a boat’s electrical system is the anchor winch wiring loom. A boat’s anchoring system must be wired to operate. This is when a wiring loom comes in. An anchor’s wiring loom is a set of pre-made cables usually made of marine grade tinned copper wire, tinned copper lugs, and epoxy-filled or silicone-impregnated heat shrinks.

Wiring looms from Viper include a flexible conduit for ease of installation. These looms are easy to use, just connect “A” to “A” and “B” to “B”, and you’re good to go!