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The Best Water Inflatables to Buy in Australia in 2024 - The Boating Emporium

The Best Water Inflatables to Buy in Australia in 2024

Whether it be for the beach, lake, river, or the pool, water inflatables, without a doubt, make your time on water more fun and exciting. From huge water slides, to inflatable water toys for kids, these fun water accessories can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The water is almost every Australian’s playground. This is why accessories like outdoor water inflatables are always a hit especially in the summer. They also make great gifts for kids, and are even sought by adults who simply want to enjoy something different while on their trip.



In this article, we will show you the best and most affordable water inflatables you can buy in Australia in 2024!    


All About Water Inflatables

By description, water inflatables are accessories that are usually used in the water, especially in recreational and water parks. They are inflated with a use of a manual air pump, or an electrical pump for bigger types such as the inflatable water slide. In Australia, these inflatables are often used for “tubing”.

Inflatable water toys are winners in kids’ hearts, but they bring the kid out of adults too. The unique mix of size and weight makes them exciting to play with, or on.




Water inflatables are affordable, and portable at the same time. They are made from PVC, which is a durable, lightweight, non-corrosive, and best of all, low-cost material. It cannot be decomposed by sunlight nor saltwater, and there are no mechanical parts that are subject to rusting. This makes the PVC the perfect material for water toys such as inflatables.

There are different kinds of inflatables that you can choose from. Here are some of them.


Inflatable Towable Tubes

Inflatable Towable Tubes are used for activities such as tubing. Tubing is done when a rider or a group of riders use inflatables to cruise across the water.

These inflatables can be attached to and towed by powerful motorboats, or can be enjoyed as floating platforms in the middle of the water.  


Inflatable tubes come in different shapes and sizes. There are the smaller round towable tubes that can usually carry one person. However, this kind also comes in bigger sizes that can accommodate at most 4 people.

There are also types like the Inflatable Towable Deck Tube of animal-shaped towable tubes from World of Watersports. Some brands like Testpilot also have them in triangular or sled forms, like the Testpilot Dred Inflatable Towable Sled.


Inflatable Towable Couch

Another form of inflatables is the inflatable towable couch. Just like a towable tube, an inflatable towable couch is attached and towed by a motor or speedboat, allowing riders a thrilling time on the water.




A towable couch is different from a towable tube in terms of its design. The inflatable water toy is designed like a literal couch, with armrests between the spaces where riders sit on, and an extended front end so the riders can sit comfortably.

Most inflatable towable couches can accommodate 2-3 people, just like the Testpilot Mega Slob Inflatable Towable Couch. However, there is also the inflatable towable lounge which only carries a single rider.


Inflatable Island

Built and shaped like an inflatable pool, an inflatable island is a big, round tube that sits up to ten people. Its outer ring serves as a backrest to its riders, allowing them to sit back and relax while in the middle of the body of water of their choice. Some inflatable islands have seats with mesh bottoms to keep the rider cool during the hottest days. An example of this is the World of Watersports Stadium Islander 6-Person Inflatable Island.


Unlike inflatable towable tubes, inflatable islands are intended for chilling and relaxing while enjoying the view. This is why even grandparents are able to enjoy this kind of water activity with their family and friends.    


Inflatable Floating Mat/Walkway

Designed in the form of a mat, an inflatable water mat or walkway is a rectangular floating mat that can hold up to 6 adults. It is made stable and durable enough for a person to walk on. They can also be used if you just want to simply bask under the sun, in the middle of the water.



An inflatable mat would usually come with a connection system, allowing you to connect one mat after the other, thus creating a walkway between boats, or a huge inflatable island that everyone can party on.

Inflatable mats can be inflated and deflated in 5 minutes or less. Once deflated, you can simply store in your car trunk or under a set in your boat for safekeeping.  

It is without question that water inflatables are some of the most creative accessories to enjoy water activities with. They can come in all shapes and sizes—the sky is the limit, literally!


The Best Water Inflatables in Australia

Now that you have an idea on its different kinds, let’s look at the best water inflatables in Australia that you should look out for in 2024!


Test Pilot Kamakazi 1-Person Inflatable Towable Tube

Price: $179.00

This inflatable tube from Test Pilot is perfect for the adrenaline rush seeker. The Kamakazi is equipped with deluxe nylon-covered handles with neoprene knuckle guards that will ensure a tight grip on the inflatable. Made from 30-gauge PVC, it is welded with a Boston valve for easy inflating and deflating.



The 1-person tube is lightweight, but durable enough to carry the rider across the water for a thrilling ride. Just latch it onto a powerful motorboat, and let the water tow you and the Kamakazi into that rush you’ve been looking for!


WOW Zig Zag Inflatable Towable Flexwing Tube

Price: $249.00

From World of Watersports (WOW) comes an inflatable towable tube that lets you be in control of your ride. Designed with the patented Flex-Wing system, the Zigzag Inflatable Tube, a WOW original concept, lets the rider add more spice to their ride.


Its Flex-Wing system allows the rider to do several tricks on the Zigzag—steering back and forth over the wake, make sharp turns, jump on a wake, or even do barrel rolls! These are all possible because of the wings that act as a rudder, which lets you steer the tube in whichever direction you want to go.

It is definitely an inflatable like no other!


WOW Inflatable Walking Mat/Walkway

Price: $299.00/$399.00

The Inflatable Walking Mat from World of Watersports is a game changer when it comes to chilling on the water. A mat can hold 1-3 people, while the larger version of the same design can hold up to 6. You and your friends can get creative and create an inflatable island of your own by connecting one mat to another.


You can also get from one boat to another easier by connecting the mats and creating a walkway. No need to move the boats just to get to your friends on the other side! Moreover, you can simply enjoy these inflatable mats by laying back, relaxing, and basking under the sun.


Airhead Inflatable EZ Ski Trainer

Price: $469.00

The Inflatable EZ Ski Trainer from Airhead does exactly what its name says. This inflatable is perfect for kids who are just beginning to test the waters. Giving your kid an EZ Ski makes them comfortable before moving on to other types of skiing.



The EZ ski water inflatable is a water ski hybrid that has two wooden ski trainers with bindings. It gives off a vibe as if your kid is on an actual water ski! The water inflatable comes in two sizes, Standard and Large, and can carry riders up to 32kg and 55kg respectively.


Testpilot Mega Slide Inflatable Towable Couch

Price: $649.00

Just when you thought it isn’t possible to relax while having fun, the Mega Slide Inflatable Towable Couch from Testpilot comes along. You can be as comfortable as if you were on your own couch at home, and you just need to sit back and relax, but hold on as boat tows you into the water!     



The Mega Slide 3 has a neoprene-lined base and built-in armrests that you can grab on to while riding through the wake. It can carry up to three riders—the more the merrier!


WOW Tube-A-Rama 10-Person Inflatable Island

Price: $799.00

Party the WOW way with the Tube-A-Rama 10-Person Inflatable Island! The huge 12-feet diameter inflatable island is perfect for hosting parties on the river or on the lake. It can carry up to 10 people, with 8 tubes that comes 4 seats with mesh bottoms, and 4 without.


You think that’s it? The 10-person inflatable island from World of Watersports also has 2 built-in coolers to keep your and your friends drinks cool and refreshing the whole time! It also comes with 8 cup holders (one on each tube) for even better convenience!

With its fun and durable design and convenient features, who wouldn’t want to get their party started on this inflatable island?


Water Inflatables from The Boating Emporium

Home to various boating and watersports accessories, The Boating Emporium believes that quality and affordability are the secrets of the best water inflatables in Australia. This is why we offer products from brands such as Testpilot and World of Watersports, which are definitely tried and tested when it comes to delivering quality water inflatables!



So, the next time you ask, “Are there any inflatable water toys shops near me?”, do not hesitate to reach out to The Boating Emporium! You can visit our website at, contact us at 1300-987-441, or send us an email at You can also visit our Instagram account, and we’ll be happy to accommodate any of your questions!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your water party started buy owning your very own inflatable water toys from The Boating Emporium today!
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